Aniluin are proud to distribute Ultimacase mobile computer cases.

Ultimacase, a brand of Agora Edge, are the world's leading producer of cases for Enterprise Mobility devices from brands such as CipherLab, Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic and many others.

Ultimacase have thousands of cases for numerous different devices. There are too many to mention here, but please browse their website here, and we can supply any products shown.

Their products include:
- Mobile Computer Holsters, (Belt, Strap and Retractor types)
- Tablet Holsters
- Wall Mounts
- Forklift Holders
- Stainless Steel Holders
- Antimicrobial Healthcare Cases - Face Protect OP Cases (For protecting the screen)
- RoutePads
- Wearable Cases
- Heated or Insulated Cases
- Sun Visor Cases (For reducing on screen glare)
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