Aniluin are proud to supply the Cyberpower range of UPSes. They have a reputation for a very low failure rate, while still having a very competitive price point and several key advantages. Key advantages are:

- 2 year advanced replacement warranty

- GreenPower UPS Technology results in up to 75% lower power consumption than competitor's products

- Models with LCD are capable of displaying remaining runtime

- User friendly and powerful software included

Note that the Value range are of a similar build quality to other major brands in the market, (except Cyberpower has the 2 year advanced replacement warranty), but the Bric and Value GP range are built to a higher standard that should give more reliability and longer length of life. UPSes and their batteries particularly are affected by heat, and in POS environments if they're placed in a small enclosed space and get too hot, (under a counter for example), it can affect their long term reliability. In circumstances where other low cost UPSes haven't lasted, the Bric or Value GP ranges have been found to stand up to the environment better, so should still be considered despite their higher price due to the total cost of ownership.