Cordless 2D

Not sure which scanner suits best? Here are the key features of the 3 most common models:

Nexa ZED 2650 - Best for when no cradle is required. Ultra simple dongle for comms, and cable for charging.

Nexa ZED 2951 - Adds hands free charging cradle and Bluetooth comms, (so can pair to any suitable Bluetooth device). Can be set to hands free mode or trigger mode.

CipherLab 1562 - Swaps automatically between trigger mode and hands free mode when picked up, plus the stand is angle adjustable.

These scanners are great when used as a cordless scanner attached to a device that stays in one place mostly. For genuinely mobile applications a more compact scanner may be preferred, for which please refer to the Cordless Compact 1D and Cordless Compact 2D product categories.