Cordless 1D

Not sure which of these scanners to recommend to your clients? The key points are:

CipherLab 1560P- As above, but with high performance scan engine, so has around double the scan range and faster scanning.

CipherLab 2560 - More rugged, faster scan speed, thinner beam. The 2560 is the next step up from the 1560P scanner.

Looking for cordless scanners to work withiPad/iPhone/iPodTouch or Android devices? For fixed position POS you can use the above mentioned CipherLab 1560, or for mobile applications the best choices for that are the Nexa CM-520W and CipherLab 1600 series scanners. They can be found under the Cordless Compact 1D and Cordless Compact 2D categories.

A popular option is also found under the Cordless 2D scanner section, in the form of the Nexa ZED 2650 cordless scanner.