Hand Held 1D

Aniluin stock a comprehensive range of hand held scanners. With our newly released Nexa ZED 1600 Laser scanner, we have two that we primarily recommend.The differences between these two models are:

Nexa ZED 1600 - Low cost, mid-long range, (approx. 25cm on retail barcodes). Like all other Laser scanners it has moving parts in the scan mechanism. It can be set for auto scanning or trigger mode. 3 year replacement warranty.

CipherLab 1500P - Compared to 1500 it has faster scan speed, longer range,has 5 year warranty rather than 3 years and can scan from LCD screens.

We have numerous other models that we stock and sell regularly, plus other models that we can source quickly if we don't have a solution for the application. Please call us for advice on the right product for the job.