POS Cash Drawers

Not sure which cash drawer is right for you?

For most applications the CB-910 cash drawer is the right choice. It is robust and reliable, works with all common receipt printers and is quite cost effective.

For space constrained environments, the CB-710 is the best choice as it still provides 4 note and 8 coin compartments, but is only 350mm wide.

Where the cash drawer needs to be opened via serial/USB interface we recommend the Nexa DT-100 USB drawer trigger. This allows a standard drawer to be controlled over a virtual serial port, as long as the Pos application supports this functionality.

Please note that the 12V drawer is only used in very specific situations, and is not suitable for use when plugged into a receipt printer. All our drawers are 24V unless otherwise noted.

The CB-910 now has the option to upgrade to advance replacement warranty, meaning if there is a warranty failure a replacement drawer will be shipped out straight away. For full details click here.