Coronavirus Related Products

Urovo have released multiple new products that are specifically designed to address new found needs in a world dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. 

These products are due to be available in some quantity before the end of April.

These products are all focused on managing the risk of COVID-19 virus spread, (and resulting duty of care obligations), through allowing infected people to enter an area.

We believe that the need to manage this risk of infected people entering facilities will likely become a very widespread requirement. Think about:

Apartment buildings
Office buildings
Train stations
Aged care

Mining (FIFO workers)



We believe the need for this sort of technology could be the fastest, largest trend we will see in our lifetimes.

Please contact us urgently to register your interest as the number of sample devices will be limited and demand is likely to exceed the number of units that we have available. 




DT50 With Infrared Thermometer

We have software solutions for this device available that will turn this device from hardware only to a complete multi user log in/log out solution. 


  • Medical grade integrated thermal module, capable of reading temperatures with an error rate of ±0.3° Celsius.
  • Built on the proven DT50 platform that is in use by major global brands such as Walmart, DHL, Tesco and others.
  • Running Android 9, with 5.7" screen, 1.5m drop rating and much more.

This device is designed for mobile applications where reading of temperatures is required.

See it in action on YouTube here
Download the PDF brochure here




H1000 Smart Thermometer

(The Key Product in the Range in Our Optinion)

For self service temperature logging, the H1000 Smart Thermometer is the solution. 

Note, this device is a full solution with a basic database of staff/visitors and logging built in. It can be integrated to physical access control devices as shown above, but is more often used stand-alone.

Key Features:

  • 7" Screen, running Android 7
  • Integrated facial recognition, (can be used with or without this), and IR thermometer
  • Logs employees/visitors temperature on entering a facility and alarms if over temperature.
  • Optional ability to interface to physical doors/turnstiles etc.

See it in action on YouTube here
And also here
Download the PDF brochure here




To register your interest in these products, please contact us now!



Do you have a technology solution that could suit these devices, but want companies to partner with to get it to market? Contact us and we can assist you to find resellers.

Have contacts that these products could help, but don't feel your company is well placed to supply? Please also contact us. We can help you to partner with other organisations who can assist you, or help you by making our resources available to your organisation.


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