Bixolon SRP-Q300 Series

There's something for everyone with the SRP-Q300 Series from Bixolon!


The new SRP-Q300 series is a truly flexible printer that will add to a Pos System, be it a traditional PC based solution or an iPad, other tablet or cloud based solution.

Features include:

- IP21 Spill resistance.

- Ultra compact footprint at 125mm x 125mm x 128mm, (larger for battery and Cloud Hub version).

- Optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


For Tablet POS:

- Includes a Tablet charging port, so you can plug the tablet into the printer, and throw away one plug pack.

- Has matching adjustable Tablet stand that suits Apple iPad 9.7" versions, many Android tablets and the new Microsoft Surface Go, (N.B. Surface go can't charge from the charging port).

- Optional compact customer display that matches the printer and stand. - Battery version allows printer to print up to 600m of print on a single charge, giving full flexibility to operate away from a power point.

- Cloud Hub version can be used for non cloud POS applications to make USB peripherals accessible on tablets without ports.


For Cloud POS:

Note, Bixolon have a Cloud Hub feature that they refer to as B-Gate.

- B-Gate version, version allows control of the printer directly from cloud POS applications.

- B-Gate also allows up to 4 USB or serial devices to be connected and controlled from cloud POS applications.

- Can print to the printer from local or remote Cloud applications, allowing easy printing of online orders ordering for example.


For Traditional POS:

- Low cost entry level version without the extra features, but still compact, stylish and spill resistant.


The full suite of models and accessories includes:

SRP-QE300 - Entry level version. USB + Ethernet, 200mm/sec print speed.

SRP-Q300 - Adds tablet charging port, wireless options, NFC, 220mm/sec print speed, BCD-3000 customer display interface.

SRP-Q300 Battery - A version of the Q300 with built in battery for 600m of print on a single charge.

SRP-Q300 Hub - A version of the Q300 with built in B-Gate Hub to allow Cloud printing and peripherals attached to the cloud.

RTS-Q300 Tablet Stand - Stand to suit SRP-Q300 series. Includes key locking mechanism to enclose tablet, space to display customer facing advertising, ability to flip over the tablet to face the customer, space to integrate the BCD-3000 customer display and much more.

BCD-3000 Customer Display - Compact 2x20 type customer display to suit the aesthetics of Tablet pos. Can display simple graphics also. Stylish and effective way of handling customer displays for tablet POS.


Here's a short overview of the range from Bixolon. Note that the term mPOS refers to mobile POS, meaning the use of Tablets. As mentioned above it is equally suited to traditional POS applications also.