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Tablet Mounts

From Nexa, Spacepole and Visidec, Aniluin offers a variety of solutions for mounting Tablets such as the iPad.

Essentially there are 4 common solutions. They are:

- Nexa TS600, a stylish, robust metal iPad stand for POS that is quite cost effective.

- SpacePole I Frame, A flexible solution for mounting iPads that covers mobile, pole mount, wall mount and other applications, while paying close attention to aesthetics.

- SpacePole X Frame, A lower cost alternative to the I Frame for fixed position tablet mounting.

- Visidec VTB-IPS/VTB-US, Suited to applications where security is not an issue.

Note that for the X Frame there are variations available to suit many different tablets, and new ones can be manufactured quickly if needed. Please call us for further information on Tablets other than the iPad or for new models. For freestanding applications the VTB-US will work with virtually all tablets on the market.