About us


Aniluin is one of Australia's leading specialist importers and wholesalers of POS and Data Capture products.

Aniluin began as a distributor in the POS industry in the early 80's by distributing General cash registers and later Casio cash registers and POS products, which we still do today. Since then we have added a range of POS and Data Capture products including Barcode Scanners, Label Printers, POS Printers, POS Terminals, Portable Data Terminals, Cash Drawers, Software and much more.

From our humble beginnings we've grown from distributing a single brand in Queensland only, to supplying a wide range of products nationally from our warehouses in Brisbane and Sydney. We are proud to partner with many leading vendors such as Epson, Casio, CipherLab, Hisense, Spacepole, Nexa, TSC, CAS, Sewoo and more.   

We have been a strong and stable company for 35 years, while many of our competitors have had their ups and downs, changed business models, changed hands or even closed. So what do we offer that keeps our customers coming back?

- We offer good, consistent levels of stock across all our regularly moving stock items in both Brisbane and Sydney.

- We have a thorough knowledge of our products - Average industry experience is around 15 years across our company, and with an average tenure at our company of more than 12 years, we have a lot of experience. 

- We offer fast and efficient service - We accept and despatch orders later in the day than most of our competitors. 

- Aniluin has a very customer focused culture. We really care about our customers, and we work harder to give you prompt, thorough service.

This is why we have customers that are still regularly working with us since the day Aniluin was founded.

If you would like to know more about what Aniluin can offer you please contact us.